Clean Air Ventilation

Sutherland Shire Specialists


Your roof space, if not adequately ventilated, will capture and hold excessive moisture and heat, often up to 60 degrees. These two problems can lead to unwanted dampness in your roof cavity and excessive heat captured inside your home.

Wind-driven vents facilitate the removal of heat and moisture from your roof space. They are a low-cost solution for these problems. The volume of your roof space will determine how many vents are required. On average most homes will only need two vents.

The vents operate effectively irrespective of wind speed. Opening cavities in your roof allows heat and moisture to escape regardless of wind speed. Heat naturally rises and will vent through any opening above the source of the heat.


Vent Features:

  • Australian made
  • Come in a variety of colours
  • Rust resistant
  • Quiet
  • Cost nothing to run